PHASE 3 - Connecting API

We need to connect your Viral Boozter Account's API to your website so that funds of your Viral Boozter's Account will be connected to your website.

STEP 1: Getting A New API

In Viral Boozter Dashboard, click "Account"


Click "Generate New"

STEP 3: Copying the API

A new API has been generated.

Copy your new API, and Paste it to a safe place. (ex. Notes)

We will use this later.

Do not share these details with anyone.

STEP 4: Go to API

Go to API Tab to copy other API DOCS.

STEP 5: Copying the API DOCS

Copy your new API Docs, and Paste it to a safe place. (ex. Notes)

We will use this later.

Do not share these details with anyone.

STEP 6: Going to your Admin BOOZTER DASHBOARD

Enter the website domain that you have bought earlier and add "/admin/settings.".

For this example, we have used

If your site is not showing up, you need to wait for around 30 mins.-1 hour. If your website is still not showing up after this time, maybe your set-up is incorrect. You can contact us here. 


Click Provider Tab under Settings, then click "Add Provider".


Enter "" and click "Add Provider".

STEP 9: Adding API Key

Enter your Unique API Key and click "Save Changes".

STEP 10: Confirming Your Account.

To confirm your account, you need to add funds on your Viral Boozter Account. Once you see the same balance in the Viral Boozter Account and in your Balance Column, meaning you input the correct details.

STEP 11: Adding Funds

To add funds, go back to, and sign in.

Go to the "Add Funds" tab, and choose a payment method and pay.

The balance in your Viral Boozter will be your balance as an admin on your own website.

Meaning when your customers ordered on your website, (ex.: the cost of service will be subtracted from your Viral Boozter balance.

For example, Your customer ordered Facebook Page Followers worth $40 or ₱1,941 in (your website), the order will automatically trigger and fulfill orders to your customers, and automatically minus the cost of service from your Viral Boozter Account for a cheaper price: $4 or ₱194.

Meaning your profit is $36 or ₱1,746.

When your Viral Boozter balance is 0 or lower than the Cost of Service, your customers won't be able to make an order. So you need to add funds to your Viral Boozter Account to continually run the services.

We are now ready to import Services. Click below to start.