How to become an Admin Boozter?

Want to start earning from your customers by placing orders on your own website?

Admin Boozter is a way to have your own website, own domain, own prices & own categories.

You can turn on or off a service, give bonus to your customer, see orders, and a lot of payment method to choose from.

Follow these 5 easy steps below and earn from your customers by also helping them become popular, and build their Social Proof!


Tell your friends or promote

Once you have your own Admin Boozter Dashboard, you can now tell your friends or promote your service to your hot customers!


Freedom to Choose a Service!

Let your customer choose the service they desire. There's a lot of services to choose from.


Receiving Orders!

Once your customer signs up to your own Admin Boozter Dashboard and places an order, you don't have to worry to their orders. Viral Boozter will take the orders for them.



Customers will pay directly to your account, and never through us. So no worries about payment.


Sit Back & Watch Your Money Grow!

Let them place orders while helping your customers become more popular.

To get started click Register Admin Boozter Dashboard or click "Get Started" below.

An Admin Boozter Dashboard is a dashboard that is connected to

It'll just cost you $27 or ₱1,349.00 only per month for maintainance . Please keep in mind that you're paying for the dashboard & maintainance, not the services; you'll have to pay for the services you'll get from Viral Boozter.

Example: Your customer ordered Facebook Page Followers worth $40 or ₱1,941, the order will automatically trigger and we will fulfill orders to your customers, and automatically minus the cost of service from your account for a cheaper price: $4 or ₱194.

Meaning your profit is: $36 or ₱1,746.

If you changed your name server exactly, it will take 3-6 hours to activate your Admin Boozter Dashboard.

No, all you need for Admin Boozter Dashboard is a domain name.

If you have a domain, you can easily point it to a name server that will be sent to you by changing your domain name server.

You can now place an order of Admin Boozter Dashboard after you've successfully changed the name server.

It actually depends on your domain provider, if you go to your domain settings and choose custom DNS and enter the name server given by Viral Boozter.

You can link your dashboard with Viral Boozter by going to and selecting the choice. Viral Boozter can be connected to your dashboard using a key. This key can be found in your Viral Boozter account's settings.

Unfortunately, we are unable to issue a refund once your Viral Boozter Dashboard has been enabled. However, by submitting a ticket to us, you can cancel or terminate your Admin Boozter Dashboard at any time.

Simply update your domain name server and give your new domain address to us. Your current domain will be replaced with your old domain. However, this modification is only available once.

Visit - Add method - Select Payment Method for more information.

Your customers can pay you through your own payment gateway account, not through us. So you do not need to be worried about payment. Create your own payment portal and start collecting money from your customers.

No, the customers won't be aware of They will place an order on your website, and it will be sent to via your user account.

To get started click Register Admin Boozter Dashboard or click "Get Started" below.