6 Strategies for Increasing the Number of Likes on Your Instagram Posts

Interested in increasing the number of people who interact with your posts on Instagram? You want to increase the number of likes on your Instagram photos, right?

In the world of Instagram, Likes are the most valuable money. When you get more likes on your Instagram post, it will appear higher in other users’ news feeds. Additionally, increasing your number of Likes will assist in guaranteeing that your future posts are seen by more people, as the platform’s algorithm tries to show users more of what they’ve previously shown an interest in.

More Likes may also result in additional advantages, including more followers and website traffic since individuals who enjoy what you post are more likely to explore your whole account. Likes have the potential to become a critical component of your entire Instagram strategy if they are strategically designed.

Several of these advantages may be obtained by following the instructions in this tutorial on how to acquire more Likes on the visual-based social networking site.

Here are six pointers to keep in mind.

1. Distribute pictures that are useful to your audience

Let's start with images, which are perhaps the most critical component of any Instagram approach.

When posting a picture to get more Likes, consider what motivates your followers to Like your posts. Examine and evaluate your previous posts to see which ones received the most Likes.

You should check out your rivals’ accounts to see what they are publishing, especially if your account is new or if you haven’t posted much in the past. Once you have gained some insight into the kinds of pictures that get Likes, you may develop and post images comparable to those that receive Likes.

Photographs and created images are the most common kinds of images to post on your main Instagram feed, and you should share both.

If a picture is shared on its own, you can just apply a filter, and it will be ready for publication. According to research conducted by Track Maven, you should either use the Mayfair filter for maximum interactions or do not use one at all (as posts without filters perform second best).

While sharing a picture that has already been created, you should consider adding some overlay text, such as a quotation or fact, or anything funny that will get more likes on your post. Content that is entertaining and useful tends to do well.

Canva is an example of a business that distributes both photographs and professionally created backdrop images. If you go to their Instagram account, you’ll find many pictures similar to the one above, which are testimonials from their users.

It may also share pictures that have been created, such as the one seen above. It is beneficial to alternate between photographs and professionally produced photographs.

2. In your descriptions, including a call to action and hashtags.

If you want likes, you should specifically request them.

According to Social Bakers, when individuals ask for retweets, their tweets are more likely to be retweeted.

As a result, if you want more Instagram likes, you may want to try asking for them as well.

You may do this by including a short statement in the description, such as “Please like this post.” Placing it on the picture as an overlay text may also be beneficial.

Foundry is a business that produces interesting quotations regularly and encourages users to like them by including a message in the caption. They have utilized this strategy to get a large number of likes, which has assisted them in gaining more than a million followers.

According to the research cited above from Track Maven, posts with eleven or more hashtags received the highest likes on Instagram.

As a result, every time you post, you need to include at least eleven hashtags. You may have more, but be cautious not to include more than fifteen since your article will seem spammy if you do so.

If you’re posting something popular, you may use hashtags from this list of the 100 most significant Instagram hashtags for likes to increase the number of people who see it. They are excellent for articles on a variety of subjects.

If your articles are related to a specific niche, you should only utilize a service like Hashtagify to discover hashtags that are relevant to your content.

3. Schedule your appointments at the most convenient times.

In their research, Track Maven discovered that postings published between 10 PM and 3 AM get the most incredible engagement.

Many factors contribute to this, but one vital point about this data is that engagement rates are more excellent when there is less competition in the market. Because fewer individuals are publishing between 10 PM and 3 AM, more occasional postings are competing against yours, resulting in their receiving more attention. As previously said, more attention may result in more overall exposure; nevertheless, you must experiment to determine whether or not you are reaching the appropriate audience.

With a bit of trial and error, you can discover your company’s most effective posting schedule. You might try scheduling your Instagram post using a proper Instagram scheduling tool (I’ve compiled a list of the 7 best Instagram scheduling applications here) to make the most of this.

Re-post on other social media platforms.

4. Re-post on other social media platforms.

If you have a following on other social media platforms, it might be wise to re-share your Instagram posts on these different platforms.

Cross-sharing in this manner will direct your followers to your Instagram account, increasing the number of likes you get.

When you submit a post on Instagram, it will immediately share it to Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter as well. It is not always feasible because the seats are shown differently on each network depending on picture and character limitations, among other factors. However, there is another possibility that should be explored.

5. Like Others Post

Neil Patel randomly liked pictures of individuals he didn’t follow on Instagram and discovered that for every 100 likes he received, he received 21.7 likes and 6.1 followers in return, on average. Even if he did not follow these individuals in response, his approach remained to be effective.

This approach is determined by the objectives of your company. It may still be worthwhile to go through the popular Instagram feed, along with the feeds of popular hashtags and Liking posts that you find amusing or helpful - or from accounts that are relevant to your company.

This will assist you in gaining more likes and followers, which will allow you to reach a wider audience.

6. Run like and tag to win contests

Contests with a chance to win prizes are a simple and effective method of increasing participation.

This kind of contest requires nothing more than posting a photo on Instagram and asking others to like the post to be eligible to win. Because it is a simple procedure, many individuals are likely to participate, especially if the reward is appealing. If your engagement is deteriorating, this is a simple method to improve it.

Run a Like and tag to win the contest, in which you encourage people to not only like the post but also tag someone they know in the comments if you want to see more significant results. In addition, some of the organized individuals will Like the post and tag someone else in the process.

A Like and tag contest will boost both the number of likes and the number of comments.

Foundry is a business that produces interesting quotations regularly and encourages users to like them by including a message in the caption. They have utilized this strategy to get a large number of likes, which has assisted them in gaining more than a million followers.

According to the research cited above from Track Maven, posts with eleven or more hashtags received the highest likes on Instagram.

As a result of their effectiveness, Drinkwel has conducted several “Like to Win” competitions on Instagram. In the case above, they requested that people Like and follow them to participate in the contest. They also stated that if a user tags a friend, they will get a second entry.

They decided that a bottle of Drinkwel is the reward. This guarantees that only those who are interested in their postings will Like and follow them.

These are some of the most effective methods for increasing the number of Likes on your Instagram photos. You should try them all out - start with the first five since they won’t take up much time and will be worth it in the long run. Lastly, conducting a ‘Like to Win’ campaign will require some more time.......................................................... It requires some forethought, but it is still a straightforward operation to work.

Hopefully, these pointers will assist you in improving your Instagram game in 2018.

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